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Dongbu Daewoo Electronics is providing customer-optimized products utilizing its innovative technology and unique products, and with the help of sustainable R&D investment and the robust global network it has. The company will do its best to help customers enjoy more comfortable and relaxed life with its own future-oriented technology, not to mention providing them with economics through efficient supply of products.

Refrigerator by Dongbu Daewoo Electronics

Based on thorough analysis of customers’ patterns of life and culture, it provides innovative products, leading the trend in refrigerator sector. Together with this, other achievements have been gaining attention from customers in that they achieved an energy efficiency of the world’s top level with convenient functions adjusted to motion patterns as well as with unique structures and designs.

An X600-series side-by-side refrigerator by Dongbu Daewoo Electronics has adopted a Turbo-X cooling system, and increased its cooling speed by 30% compared to the existing products. To maximize convenience of users, it has a Multi Plus Zone that is spared for cosmetics and medical products to be separately stored, while a Magic Cool Zone, an independent cooling space is provided to store vegetables and fruits in long-term periods.

A combination-typed refrigerator by Dongbu Daewoo Electronics is a product of Bottom Freezer, which a refrigerating section is on the upper part as opposed to a freezer on the bottom part of it. Its Prefect No-frost system which is not allowing frosts but maintains food freshness for the long-term periods is appraised in the markets. Additionally, it is a green product with high efficiency that is designed to dramatically reduce power consumption and noises with controlling functions adjustable to food storage and external environments made by coupling technologies of high-efficiency compressors as well as vacuum insulation with electronic control algorism.

Dongbu Daewoo Electronics, which has a variety of product lines such as general- typed, SBS, French door-typed and combination-typed refrigerators, is currently showing a 3 door-typed refrigerator that is designed to have an independent refrigerating space on the upper part of the right refrigerating section, and a refrigerating built-in space exclusive for vegetables on the bottom part of the left section, which makes it differentiated from the existing side-by-side refrigerator by having its refrigerating sections divided into the upper and bottom parts.

In terms of energy efficiency, the 3 door-typed refrigerator is capable of lessening outflow of cooling airs compared to the existing side-by-side refrigerator although the doors are frequently opened and closed, as they are separate by refrigerating spaces. It also adopts the maximum 12 sensors, the biggest number of sensors in the sector, and has an active cooling control function depending on times of door open and close as well as food storage that promises energy saving effects with efficiency.

Dongbu Daewoo Electronics will provide refrigerators that meet our customers’ different needs depending on where they live with the line-up of segmented products with application of specialized functions based on thorough analysis of customers’ patterns of life and culture thorough its accumulated technologies as well as the global network.

Washing Machine by Dongbu Daewoo Electronics

Based on emotional engineering that prioritizes customers and environments, it provides washing products of high quality. With unique designs and its competitiveness with the core technology, washing machines manufactured by Dongbu Daewoo Electronics are being recognized first by customers.

Dongbu Daewoo Electronics, which had developed a washing machine with air bubbles for the first time, and exported it to 90countries in the world with achievement of one trillion won in cumulative sales, has recently showed a general washing machine that is designed to have a 20% higher washing power compared to the existing product, as well as higher penetration by detergents with application of green Water Scaling technology. By employment of magnetic water activator, which a permanent magnet is applied to its supply valve from a tap, it is capable of degrading water particles into magnetics with prevention of accumulated lime compositions that are regarded as cause of internal contamination at the washing container, eliminating pipe corrosion problems and relieving inconvenience of cleaning the container.

Taking a user’s convenience into consideration, the Drum-Up Washing Machine Series with ergonomic designs , which its position and angles of the drum container are sided to improve the user’s convenience when the door is opened and closed to take a laundry in and out, are applied with high efficient steam technology, allowing it to be used with 53% less than electric consumption, and 46% less than water consumption. A variety of additional functions with convenience such as courses of running shoes washing, baby pajamas washing and air washing are popular among its global customers. Having led the small drum washer market by introducing its drum washer of 6kg in 2009, Dongbu Daewoo Electronics is now marketing a Wall-mounted front loader first ever to the international market, attracting much attention from the industry. The world’s first Wall-mounted front-loader of 3kg or ‘Mini’ is adopting a Wall-mounted type with 1/6 of the existing drum washer of 15kg in size, a new concept product that not only increases space efficiency, but protects a customer’s waist and saves energy consumption.

As a 29.2cm thick- super slimed product, it is allowed to be installed on the walls of the house such as a bathroom, multi-purpose room and kitchen wherever the user want without having a separate space for installation. It makes it easier to take in and out laundries without bending his/her waist. To solve cost problems such as times, water consumption and electricity consumption the existing model posed, it is considered as the right product for a household, which has one to two persons, with baby clothes or a diaper cleaned, and wants to keep its laundries washed frequently.

Especially with adoption of the all-in-one typed- washing container and cabinet, the lower weighted designs, a micro inverter motor as well as four-layered dust-free pads, it minimizes any vibration and noises of the washing into the four steps -low noise system. It is also a product of high-efficiency and green environment to save 60% of washing times, 80% of water consumption and 86% of electricity.

Kitchen Appliances by Dongbu Daewoo Electronics

Based on thorough analysis of needs of global customers in terms of cultural characteristics and kitchen appliances, it is creating a better-off life for them by providing premium kitchen products based on superior technology and designs. It supports our global customers’ life making it happy at kitchen by marketing micro-typed microwaves with voice guide functions first in the industry costumed to each food culture of countries in the world.

A Convection Model by Dongbu Daewoo Electronics employs a convection oven function with separate heater and oven fans, a specialized cooking function and a power grill function for pizza and steak. It also employs a function of ‘cooking with heat waves from the three sides’ which a heat is speedily delivered through pans at top, back and sides, saving cooking hours by more than 3times, a cooking with lights and heats of halogen lamp inside that makes it more speedily at their high temperatures without preheating and a function of protection lock for child first in the industry.

A newly developed ‘Zero On’ by Dongbu Daewoo Electronics with self-controlling function of standby power is an energy saving product that is working by automatically blocking the power within 10minutes after the product is used with materialization of ‘Standby Power Zero’. When a user presses a 'Zero On' button on the top of operation unit, the power is automatically connected to block the standby power by eliminating any inconvenience to plug by customers.

A ‘Speaking Multi-oven’ by Dongbu Daewoo Electronics provides voice functions newly developed first in the industry with application of different languages such as English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Middle Eastern language to be exported to 20 countries in the world. The product is now popular through words of mouth as they provide a differentiated voice guide technology that maximizes convenience of a user by allowing senior citizens and children not familiar with operating to cook easily with all the menus and instructions by voice through speakers positioned at its back side that explain a user on the whole process of opting for a menu and controlling temperatures and times even with no separate marketing.

In addition, Dongbu Daewoo Electronics marketed a Minimal Compact Modeled-Microwave of Air Fryer L in capacity first in the industry. In one year of the marketing, its sales exceeded 200, 000. Thanks to its decreased size by more than 35% compared to the existing product, it maximizes a space utilization and efficiency with the same practical area as 20L, while the rounded design with colors at the top and the sides gives rise to a stylish design in compatible with the kitchen interior. It surpassed 80 million microwaves in cumulative production in 2010, and is soon expected to enter into a remarkable record of 100 million.

Dongbu Daewoo Electronics will make our customers happy in the kitchen with a discriminated technology, an innovative design and wide ranges of product lines.

Air-Conditioner by Dongbu Daewoo Electronics

Based on various experiences and confidence in white electronics market, the company is now gaining its competitiveness in air conditioner market as well.

Instead A newly released air conditioner by Dongbu Daewoo Electronics has a feature optimized to needs of customers who prefer practical products by drastically excluding additional functions and focusing more on the basic functions of air-conditioning and dehumidification for lowering its price.

With employment of turbo operation functions that diffuse cooling airs through wider outlet, it is designed to close the gap in indoor temperatures for rapid air-conditioning, and for air conditioning with little noise with application of low-noise motor technology. With smart reservation and sleep-mode operation costumed automatically with one button, it prevents excessive exposure to air-conditioning, waste of power electricity and provides fresh air-conditioning costumed to the user.

In addition, it increases a customer’s convenience by providing high-quality LCD remote controller, and with employment of self-diagnosis functions, it embodies its easier access to various service.

Small Appliances by Dongbu Daewoo Electronics

The company plans to expand a market share of vacuum cleaner with practical products of high performance and outstanding designs based on price competition.

The newly introduced- bag styled cleanser by Dongbu Daewoo Electronics is designed to maintain its power of suction for long times by gathering dusts internally from the vacuum cleaner with 2200 watts, and filter the air sucked along with through ‘HEPA Filter’ before discharged outside not to fly fine dusts into the air.

With employment of 5L dusts envelop, it serves as a cushion off when hit into furniture at cleaning, so that preventing any damages to the furniture.